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Owner Financing Terms and Conditions

Purchaser Responsibilities:

  • Payment of annual property taxes and/or assessments levied against the property, in the form of an additional invoice or as a charge to the regular monthly subscription. Annual property taxes will be billed on a monthly basis.
  • Payment of any applicable HOA/POA fees in the same form as above.
  • The Purchaser assumes any liability from or damage to the property.
  • Development, living, and construction must be approved by the seller.
  • There are no refunds on owner financing plans.
  • The Purchaser has 72 hours to pay for the remaining balance of the down payment. If payment is not received, the reservation fee is considered forfeit and the property will be re-listed for sale.
  • Prompt payment is required for active owner financing agreements. The purchaser will have 14 days from non-payment to remedy default. In the event of termination of the agreement, all payments made by the purchaser are forfeit.

Seller Responsibilities:

  • Upon receipt of the full down payment for a property, the Seller will create and send any applicable legal documents to the Buyer within 3-5 business days to sign.
  • Upon full payment for the property including taxes, assessments, and any other charges, the Seller will deliver a Special Warranty Deed to the Purchaser within a reasonable amount of time, typically 3-5 business days or longer depending on the county.

There may be additional terms and conditions stated in the contract between the buyer and seller. This list is not comprehensive of all terms and conditions. By subscribing to an Owner Financing plan on this website, the Buyer agrees to all terms and conditions listed above, and all terms and conditions listed in the contract.

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